Tekla Plugins

This documentation explains the usage of our Tekla plugins. If you want to download them, go to Tekla Downloads.


Saved calculations

Joint design can be only done in the web interface. Both, a successful calculation and a failed one can be saved. Then, all the data will be stored in the cloud. If you want to make them accesible through the Tekla plugins, just go to Database>Saved Calculations, select project and calculation, and you are ready to slide whatever you want.

Tekla switches

Database table showing Tekla switches

Tekla plugins instalation

This sections covers the installation and usage of provided Tekla components. Select your installer from the Tekla Downloads page. Install it and run Tekla Structures.

Plugin installation

Plugin installation

Our plugins are native Tekla plugins. This means that you can use them exactly the same way as you use the builtin Tekla components. Open the "Connections" dropdown and select the plugin.

Plugin Icon Selection

Plugin at connection list

Login and project selection

The first time you run a braced.io plugin, you will be prompted for credentials. Use your braced.io user and password. If you logged with google, you will need to create a password in braced.io > account > change password. Or click here.

Login form

Login Form

Plugins will build connections according to your published calcs. To be more specific, plugins will look for a match in the following three parameters:

Parameter At braced.io At Tekla
Project Project codename Project properties name
Structure Structure Codename Model name
Profiles Calculation profiles pair
(like beam/column or bracing/landing)
Picked profiles

The plugin will prompt you for a project/structure pair at the first use, and this will be stored for the Tekla model. This can be changed in any moment at the form.

Project name

Creating a structure with a proper name

Working with plugins: Basic Use

Doble click the connection and pick your profiles in the order indicated in the plugin picture.

Project name

Picking the plugin

The plugin searches for possible solutions (project, structure, and profile pair) and places the first found.

The connection is market red, yellow or green. Following the well known Tekla standard.

Project name

First run of the plugin

If you have more than 1 calculation in the project/structure with the same profile pair, the plugin will prompt you to choose one.

Last, if you have to change your choice, just click the "select" button in the form.

Project name

Solution list

Open the form and change the default color if you want. Click Modify.

Project name

Tekla class and "modify"

Working with plugins: Update calcs and connections

From the filled form, click the @ link. It links to a braced.io enginesheet editing page.

Project name

Link from form

You can change the name of the calc or hold the current name. Then click Solve.

Project name

Name field in the calc

Once solved, you will be able to save as new or overwrite the existing one.

Project name

Saving or overwriting calc