Beam to beam shear connection. Web of beam will be bolted. The user has 2 choices: Web conected to a stiffener, or web connected to a clip angle.

Profile H L U Pipes Tubes
Beam (1)
Landing Beam (2)
Joint schema

Connection drawing (Stiffener)

Joint schema

Connection drawing (Right L Angle)


As in other enginesheets, you can choose the eccentricity of the beam related to the plate (g1 and g2). Also the beam profile rotation from its centroid.

You will be asked for a joint element. In wich element will be fixed the beam? This is what the form is asking you in that section. You can set up clip angles or stiffeners having five choices.

Joint schema

Alowed setups

Identifier Description Choices Units
Joint element Choose connecting element. Left Angle Only
Right Angle Only
Both Angle Clips
Left Stiffener
Right Stiffener
Stiffeners Checkbox creates the back stiffener. None `mm`
j "j" gap. As shown on drawing. None `mm`
s "s" gap. As shown on drawing. None `mm`

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