Seismic bracing joint with cover plates. The bracing can reach any type of element: beams, columns, other bracings, etc. This landing element will not be checked.

An in-pipe welded plate will be placed centered in the profile. This plate will be aligned with the gusset plate of the landing element and two cover plates will do the connection.

Allowed Profiles:

Profile H L U Pipes Tubes
Bracing (2)
Landing Profile (1)
Joint schema

Connection drawing

Joint schema 2

Gusset plate to landing Pipe


You will need to provide the following extra parameters in a S002 enginesheet:

Identifier Description Appearing in Units
wl Welding length. As indicated in the drawing None `mm`
a Welding throat. If `0`, will be autosolved as: `0.7*t` None `mm`
j Joint gap. If pipe/tube: Distance between in-pipe plate and gusset plate.
Else: Distance between profile and gusset plate.
None `mm`
s Side gap. Distance between the cover plates and any of the virtually clashing elements. None `mm`

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