Beam to column connection with endplate. Bolts may be placed inside and/or outside of the beam profile flanges.

Allowed Profiles:

Profile H L U Pipes Tubes
Beam (2)
Column (1)
Joint schema

Connection drawing


S001 has several singular parameters related to column position stiffeners and beam position. There is a checkbox. If marked, four stiffeners will be taken into account and eventually created in Tekla.

Column position dropdown allows you to restrain the joint to be applied only to a beam-to-web or beam-to-flange connection. Calculations and Tekla results will be afected.

Identifier Description Appearing in Units
Stiffeners If checked, four stiffeners will be created None None
Column Position Part of the column connected to the beam Any position
Bolts at flange
Bolts at web or cut

Related Common Parameters: