A standard library

On braced.io you will find a growing collection of standard steel connection solvers with their respective Tekla smart plugins.

Web application

A modern intuitive web application for your designs. Solve in a matter of minutes.


Calculation Reports

Download TXT, PDF or XLSX reports from the cloud. Connections are designed against Eurocode 3.


BIM connections

Solved connections can be built in your BIM model with 2 clicks. Our plugins will fetch the data from the servers. No import/export.

The connection library

# Description Web Solver Tekla Revit
S001 Beam to column with endplate. check check schedule
S002 Seismic bracing connection with cover plates. check check schedule
S003 Bracing connection for H, L and U profiles. check check schedule
S004 Beam to column with end-plate and arriving bracings. check check schedule
S005 Beam to beam with end-plate. check check schedule
S006 Beam to beam shear connection. check check schedule
S007 Endplates column splice. check check schedule
S008 Coverplates column splice. check check schedule
S009 Endplates beam splice. check check schedule
S010 Coverplates beam splice. check check schedule
S011 Hinge - Pinned connection. schedule schedule schedule
S012 Column baseplate (to concrete). schedule schedule schedule